Privacy Notice

This notice (this “Privacy Notice”) is provided by Canopy Capital Group (the “Advisor”) and summarizes the
policies (“Privacy Policies”) of the Advisor with respect to the collection, sharing and protection of non-public
personal information. Please read this Privacy Notice carefully to understand what the Advisor does with non-
public personal information. Note that the Privacy Policies may be changed at any time.

With respect to information collected from visitors to the Advisor’s website, which may include email addresses
and IP addresses, the Advisor will neither disclose nor reserve the right to disclose such information to non-
affiliates (i.e., financial or non-financial companies not related by common ownership or control) except as
required by court orders or to comply with requirements imposed by government entities. At this time, the
Advisor has no affiliates so no disclosure to affiliates is contemplated either. The Advisor may use the
information it collects to communicate information about the Advisor’s business to persons who submit their
email address to the Advisor, and submission of email address information constitutes permission to do so.
Persons who submit email addresses may email to be removed from the mailing
list and/or to have their personal information removed from the Advisor’s systems.

To protect personal information from unauthorized access and use, the Advisor uses security measures that
comply with federal and applicable state law. These measures include computer safeguards and secured files
and buildings and contractual provisions with service providers that require confidential treatment for such
personal information.

For questions about this Privacy Notice, or to obtain a copy of the Advisor’s Privacy Policies, please email